Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive – Teardown

The Kinetix 5700 servo drive is designed with the flexibility to scale machines with large axis counts and high power requirements. It is available in either single or dual-axis modules, with power ranging from 1.6 to 60 kW for servo or induction motor control. Integrated and hardwired safe torque-off functionality is offered with both single or dual-axis inverter options.

Connected to and operated using ContolLogix, GuradLogix, or CompactLogix controllers, with Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP™, these drives combine high-performance integrated motion with an open EtherNet/IP network. 5700 works on linear, star, and ring Ethernet topologies. It can be part of a solution using EtherNet/IP to integrate high-performance servo and AC drives, I/O, smart actuators, and any other EtherNet/IP-connected device.

The Kinetix 5700 has integrated safety on open Ethernet/IP to reduce the complexity of system wirings into a single network for motion, diagnostic and safety data. With DSL feedback ports support of single-cable technology and Kintetix VP motors, a 60% reduction in wiring for motion systems is realized.  Dual internet ports accommodate both linear and device-level ring topologies. These features all combine to reduce machine commission and down time, and consequently improve overall efficiency and productivity. 

A host of optional components may be added, as needed, which include:

  • 2198-CAPMOD -2240 capacitor modules
  • 2198-CAPMOD-DCBUS-IO extension modules
  • 2198-ABQE encoder output module
  • One 2198-DBxx-F AC line filter
  • 2198-Rxxx external passive-shunt resistors
  • Bulletin 1321 line reactors (required with two or three 2198-P208 DC-bus power supplies)
  • Bulletin 2198 24 VDC input power shared-bus connection system


Part Number: 2198-D006-ERS, Kinetix 5700 Dual Axis Servo Drive 55mm. 458-746VDC input with 2 x 6.3A peak output current. 


External and Enclosure 

    • Size 55mm x 358mm x 252mm. 
    • IP20 protection for pollution degree 2 environment with ambient temperature up to 50°C.


Main Controller and Power Electronics Board


  • PWM motor control: TI TMS320F28032 Piccolo Microcontrollers. High efficiency 32-Bit CPU with enhanced control peripherals for ePWM and High-Resolution PWM (HRPWM).


    • 3 Phase Inverter: Infineon FS25R12W1T4_B11 (2pcs) 1200V/25A IGBT4 EasyPACK Module
    • Isolation: Broadcom (Avago Technologies)
      • ACPL-336J (12pcs). 2.5A IGBT gate drive optocoupler with integrated (VCE) desaturation detection, active Miller clamping, fault and UVLO status feedback.
      • ACPL-C87B (3pcs). Precision optically isolated voltage sensor with ±0.5% gain tolerance. 
    • High Current Sensing: LEM HLSR-10SM (4pcs) 10A current transducer.
    • Isolated switching power supply:  Customized transformer.
    • DC Bus Bulk Capacitor: Nippon Chemi-con (2pcs) 400V/330µF electrolytic capacitors‎.


  • Fuse : Bussmann FWP-50A14Fa 700V/50A high speed fuse. 


Power Electronics Board Block Diagram

Signal Processing and Communication Board

  • Signal Processing and Communication:  Altera Cyclone V SE SoCs 5CSEA5 FPGA. Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 Hard Processor System (HPS) with embedded peripherals, multiport memory controllers, serial transceivers, and PCI Express (PCIe) ports. 
  • Memory: Micron DDR2 SDRAM (2pcs)
  • Ethernet Communication: Micrel KSZ8041TL1 (2pcs). 10Base-T/100Base-TX Transceiver.


With the 5700’s ability to control servos, induction motors and actuators, along with support for an array of feedback types, it is popular with custom and standard builds, for both large and small manufacturing runs. An innovative snap-fit bus system, which requires no tools for connecting, and tuning-less commissioning for most axes, allows for quick assembly and deployment, also help to make it an attractive choice for designers. 

A high power to footprint ratio makes the 5700 an ideal solution for many environments. Some of the most common applications include manufacturing, assembly, packaging and material handling in industries like beverage, consumer products, food, automotive & tire industries. 


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