Broadcom Isolation Solutions to Drive and Sense IGBT Modules

This video showcases Broadcom isolation solutions to drive and sense the IGBT modules from Infineon and Fuji Electric. Infineon and Fuji Electric offer 1200V EconoDUAL and Dual XT IGBT modules respectively. These IGBT modules come in current ratings from 225A to 1000A. The video demonstrates how smart gate drive optocoupler, ACPL-339J is used to scale gate drive design for these IGBT from 225A to 1000A. The ACPL-C87B isolated voltage sensors are used to measure the DC Bus voltage and sense the temperature of the IGBT module. Additionally, the ACPL-736J, a 50mV isolated Sigma-Delta modulator, is used with a shunt resistor to measure up 1000A of load current.